Danish Rosewood Secretaire | Nils Jonsson | Torring

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Danish Rosewood Secretaire | Nils Jonsson | Torring

Nils Jonsson was a renowned Swedish furniture designer known for his exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Born in 1927 in Sweden, Jonsson began his career in the mid-20th century, during a time when Scandinavian design was gaining international recognition.

Jonsson’s creations were characterized by their clean lines, simplicity, and functional elegance. He had a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of wood and often incorporated it into his designs, showcasing the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship. His furniture pieces were a perfect blend of form and function, designed to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of any space.

One of Jonsson’s most iconic designs is the “Rosewood Secretaire.” This piece showcases his talent for combining organic materials and geometric shapes. The Secretaire features a sleek rosewood exterior with carefully crafted details, such as rosewood shaped handles and tapered legs. It exemplifies Jonsson’s ability to create furniture that is both visually stunning and highly functional, providing ample storage space while adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Jonsson’s designs gained international recognition and were highly sought after during his career. He received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Scandinavian design, including the prestigious Lunning Prize in 1957. His furniture pieces have become coveted collector’s items, valued for their timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.

Nils Jonsson’s legacy as a designer continues to inspire contemporary furniture makers. His commitment to creating functional yet visually appealing designs, his attention to detail, and his innovative use of materials have left an indelible mark on the world of furniture design. Today, his pieces are cherished by design enthusiasts and continue to be celebrated as icons of Scandinavian design.

Design: Nils Jonsson
Manufacturer: Torring
Year: 1960s
Material: Rosewood
Dimensions: height 108 cm, depth 44 cm, length 90 cm
Price: € 5100.-

Danish Desk | Svend Åge Madsen | 1950s for Sigurd Hansen

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Design: Svend Åge Madsen
Manufacturer: Sigurd Hansen
Year: 1950s
Material: Teak Wood
Dimensions: D x W x H (total) cm
Price: 5700.-€

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Night Stand | Hvidt & Mølgaard | Søborg

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Design: Hvidt & Mølgaard
Manufacturer: Søborg
Year: 1950
Material: solid Teak
Dimensions: D 38cm x W 48 cm x H 63.5 (total) cm
Price: 1290€

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German Art-Déco Mauser “Rundform” Directors Office

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Designed in 1939 this furniture, especially in red color (original, no repaint!) have been vanguard pure!
Worldwide unique!
Directors desk “Model Berlin” SOLD
4-door sideboard “Model Olympia”
2-door sideboard “Model Athen”
executive chair (tiltable) “Model Präsident” SOLD
very rare wastebasket “Model Piccolo” SOLD
corner unit, custom made by Mauser
Design: Works Design
Manufacturer: Mauser, Germany
Year: 1939
Material: lacquered steel, aluminum / chrome trim
Dimensions: D x W x H (total) cm
Price: on request

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